“Nikola Parapunov” Primary school is a school with rich history. Its roots have dated back since 1881s. It was the first time when 1st grade ( nowadays 5th grade ) had been opened. The Sultan’s screed was received and it was allowed the new school to be built thanks to Josef the Exarch’s support. After Mr. Nikola Angelov’s guidance, who was a steward, the whole society took part in the building of the new school. And in October, 20 1891 the school was founded and opened the doors with the name “ St. St. Kiril i Metodij“.
In 1894/95s students from 1st to 7th grade began studying at school. Teachers took part in the life of the society. They were initiators for 1st public library and cultural center to be founded in the town. Teachers played in the first theatre plays. They also took part in the revolutionary fights. From 1917 to 1920s 8th, 9th, 10th grades were opened thanks to the great financial and moral support of two patriotic brothers Peter and Ivan Kanazirevi. In that way the incomplete mixed Mehomijska Secondary school was founded with the common name “Bratya Kanazirevi” and Mr. Simeon Popkonstantinov was the school headmaster.
Later, in the early 30s of 20th century the Middle school was separated in an independent school named “St. St. Kiril i Metodij“. The school headmaster became Mr. Nikola Stoychev, who was called Maestro by people who lived in the town of Razlog. In 1950/ 1951s. the Middle and the Secondary school were united again under the common name “Bratya Kanazirevi” and Mr. Angel Angelov became a headmaster. In 1956/ 57 school year the Middle school was turned into an independent school with students from 5th to 7th grade and the new headmistress Mrs. Yordanka Abadjieva.  In 1972/ 73 the Middle school  was reformed into an Elementary school named “Nikola Parapunov” after a technician who designed a lot of  buildings in the town of Razlog and its region. It included the education till 7th grade. In 1980s 8th grade was included in the school, too. The school exists in that way till today. From 1971 to 1997 Mr. Slavcho Tumbev was the headmaster of the school. Now 390 students study at school. Well qualified teachers take care of the students’ up-bringing and education. Mrs. Daniela Peltegova has been the headmistress of the school since 1998s. During the time of its existence “Nikola Parapunov“ Primary school has had a lot of traditions and experience in the educational and up-bringing process and in the extracurricular activities, too. Students who study here have great knowledge and they are open-minded towards charity. This school forms free and responsible people, worthy citizens of Razlog and Bulgaria.